Winter Hexagon and G_FEA

Wolf Moon Trapped By The Winter Hexagon

Moonlight’s flooding the sky these nights. Watch for the waxing gibbous to fatten into a full Wolf Moon by Friday evening. The moon’s great at blocking out starlight. During crescent phase only stars near the moon suffer while the remainder of the sky remains quite dark. The spill become much more noticeable around half phase or first quarter when…
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What Would It Look Like If Mars, Saturn Or Neptune Replaced The Moon?

Tonight the nearly full moon will become part of the Winter Hexagon, one of the biggest and easiest to see asterisms of the winter sky. You’ll find Luna twixt Procyon in Canis Minor and Pollux in Gemini along the eastern side of the figure which is comprised of six bright stars. When connected by imaginary…
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Looking For Aurora Tonight? Check Out The Winter Hexagon + 2

Update 9 a.m. Jan. 10: The blast of particles from the solar flare in big sunspot group 1944 was much weaker than expected. Some of it slid by Earth yesterday afternoon but only fired up auroras in Arctic latitudes that were in darkness at the time. There’s still one more chance for auroras tonight as…
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Winter Hexagon Jan2013FEA

You Absolutely Must See The Winter Hexagon Tonight

There’s a reason the winter sky is so full of sparkling stars. A great many are concentrated around the constellation Orion the form of a gigantic hexagon. How big is it? I made a fist and reached my gloved hand to the sky last night to measure – 6 fists high by 4 fists wide…
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Moon And Winter Hexagon Bright On Bright Tonight

The moon’s been getting brighter and brighter with each passing night this week. Tonight we’re just a day away from the Full Wolf Moon, and if you look up around 9 o’clock or later, the moon will be surrounded by the Winter Hexagon, an enormous six-sided figure formed by the season’s brightest stars. The figure…
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