Extra Daylight Feels Alright

     (The sun sets over Duluth earlier this winter – Bob King/News Tribune)

Two glorious hours. That’s how much more sunshine lights our faces and accompanies us to and from work and school since the winter solstice. While walking the dog this morning, it struck me just how much further north the sun has traveled since December 22. From my vantage point, it now rises from behind the neighbor’s house instead of between the popples in their woods. Checking the Old Farmer’s Almanac, I see that the sun follows the same arc across the sky as it did last October 15. So why aren’t our temperatures in the 50s and 60s you ask? Not only does the snowcover come into play, but there’s a seasonal lag in temperatures. It takes our planet time to warm up to summer and then time to slowly cool down to winter.

The air temperature will catch up to the sun’s arc but before that happens, I’m going to keep my gloves close at hand.