Speaking Of Spica

Moon and Spica about 9:30 p.m. tonight – created with Stellarium

Duluth looks cloudy tonight and that’s too bad, because I’ll miss the woodcocks’ aerial song and dance in the bright moonlight. Western Minnesota and the Dakotas have clear skies and a nearly full moon.

If you’ve never seen the star Spica in the constellation Virgo, this is your night. Just use the moon to get you there. Or take the long way around by following the arc of the Dipper’s Handle to Arcturus and continuing on to Spica.

Like Capella in Auriga, Spica (spy-kuh) is a close pair of white stars that orbit around one another in just four days. The duo lies 260 light years from Earth, and their combined light is 2,100 brighter than the sun.

Tomorrow night the moon will perch to the lower left of Spica. May you all have clear skies.