Celestial Portrait Session

The gibbous moon and Jupiter join hands in Sagittarius (the Teapot) tonight, August 13. We hope the clouds will part long enough to give us a window on the celestial scene. — created with Stellarium

 As the moon fattens towards full phase this Saturday, it will buddy up with Jupiter this evening. Look southeast around 9:15 p.m. to find the pretty pair in the constellation Sagittarius. Two bright celestial objects are an invitation to bring out your camera for a photo.

If you’d like to give it a try, grab a tripod (as show at right) or another stable platform for your camera, and find a nice foreground scene to frame the moon and Jupiter. Go out early when you can easily see the two in a deep blue sky, but before the moon looks too glary. Once the sky gets dark, the moon will so outshine everything else, it will be very overexposed in your photo. Twilight is the best time to capture the moon as you see it with your eye.

You can use your camera’s automatic setting, but if you want to be sure to get just the right exposure, I recommend switching the camera to manual. That way you can shoot at different shutter speeds and lens settings. Try ’em all!

I routinely shoot multiple exposures at night to get just one good image. Hey, since it’s digital, there’s really no waste. Some of you might still be using film, but a few extra exposures to get a picture you’re happy with is worth an extra dollar or two, right?

As always, if you have a photo you’d like to share, you can send a copy to me at rking@duluthnews.com and we’ll post it here. Now it’s time to cross my fingers for tonight.