Aurora Alert Tonight July 28-29

The extent of the aurora at 8:30 p.m. (CDT) this evening July 28. The Kp index at the time was 4, just below minor storm level. Click map to see the current index. Credit: NOAA

Be on the lookout for the northern lights tonight (July 28-29). You can even pair up your aurora-gazing with some late-night Delta Aquarid meteor watching . The shower is expected to reach maximum tomorrow morning after moonset when 10-15 meteors per hour could flash from a dark sky.

A high speed solar wind blowing from an open coronal hole in the sun’s atmosphere is presently stoking Earth’s upper atmosphere with an abundance of solar electrons and protons. Looking at the auroral oval map, the northern lights should be visible over Scandinavia tonight if twilight’s not too bright.

While there are no guarantees the activity will continue into the North American night, be on the watch. Any auroras we might get will be more obvious after moonset around 2 a.m. I’ll update later this evening if the lights show up over Duluth, Minn.

** UPDATE 11:30 p.m. (CDT): Pretty cloudy now here, so it’s difficult to tell if aurora is out. I’ve received one report of some faint ones. Auroral oval has shrunk since 10 p.m. and activity’s dropped off a little … for the moment.

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  1. Miranda Helmering

    Hello Bob,
    I had witnessed a “weird” thing and was wondering if you could help?
    I live in Wentzville Mo and on Friday Morning at 12:30 am Myself, my husband and our neighbour saw what looked like a White ball of light with a crack coming out of it.
    It looked like the sky was cracking open into a bright white light. The sky was clear and after 3 minutes it folded into its self and slowly dimmed.
    Do you know what causes this?

    I would send you a picture if you would like to send a email

  2. LucyPur

    I live in Orlando.
    The sky was clear.
    I only saw two shooting stars.
    Maybe I will see more tomorrow night.

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