The Spectacle That Is Venus And Jupiter At Dawn

Have you been busy with eclipse preparations the past week? Tonight’s finally the night. But I wanted to alert you to another stunning little show happening about 4 hours after the eclipse ends. Just before the start of dawn and continuing into dawn, Venus and Jupiter make a remarkable sight together in the southeastern sky.…
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Venus Is HOT Right Now

I went out Saturday morning to look for the recently-discovered comet C/2018 Y1 (Iwamoto). It beckoned from the the tail of Hydra the Sea Serpent. I found it with some difficulty because the comet was neither bright nor high up in the sky. While I like bright comets best, they’re all welcome in my front…
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The Sky On Christmas Night

Merry Christmas, everyone! Maybe you’ll have clear skies tonight and feel like some fresh air. If so, here are a few sky sights you can expect to see on this special night.  

Wondrous Sky Alignments On Tap For Friday’s Winter Solstice

Friday’s a day of cosmic convergences. We start early with the brilliant morning planet Venus occulting a star. An hour later, Mercury and Jupiter appear at dawn in a fine, close conjunction. Then at 4:23 p.m. (Central Time), the sun reaches its lowest point in the sky for the northern hemisphere, marking the moment of…
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Planets And Moon Serve Up Sparkling Sights At Dawn

If you’re out at dawn — and it’s not too hard to be with December’s late sunrises — face east to watch the celestial traffic this week. Tomorrow morning (Dec. 3), the crescent moon will stand just 4.5° above the planet Venus, which is currently at “greatest brilliancy” and shining at magnitude –4.9. These two…
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